Hotel room

Enables quickly to create a living space or start comfortably with an accommodation business. The outstanding design of our house supports the productivity of your investment.


ÖÖD allows anyone to jumpstart their hospitality business. By ordering ÖÖD model hotel rooms hosts can design their hospitality complex starting with the number of houses (hotel rooms) with combining common areas such as saunas, outdoor kitchens, fitness rooms, reception desks, cafeterias all designed in the distinctive reflective style to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.



    The shimmering highlight of the Surface & Materials show in Birmingham was this space-age pod called ÖÖD.


    This prefab mirrored house can be plopped almost anywhere.


    You can start seeing a return on your investment — whether through guests or relaxation — immediately.


    Well designed mini dwelling.

Exterior design

The design of the ÖÖD hotel room blends into the surroundings, thanks to which ÖÖD is suitable for both urban space and nature. The size of the house is precisely calculated – the side lengths of the building are three and six meters. The glass packages are attached to the steel structure, covering the house on three sides. The back wall of the building is of wood construction and is covered with heat-treated wood.


  • Natural ash wood is used in the interior;
  • 10mm partitions panels between bathroom and living room;
  • ÖÖD kitchen furniture is crafted by custom order from natural wood, high-pressure laminated, and (clinker clay / full body tile) countertops. Electrolux integrated fridge has been used in the kitchen;
  • The sanitary fittings in ÖÖD hotels are provided by either Gustavsberg or Hansgrohe.

Interior design

ÖÖD is designed to meet the needs of the guests, a bed designed specifically for the ÖÖD hotel room, a carefully selected mattress, cushions, adjustable lighting, adjustable floor heating, sound insulation, comfortable armchair, etc.


  • Width:


  • Height:


  • Depth:


  • Interior surface:


  • Building surface:


  • Weight:


What is included in the price

  • ÖÖD covers:

    • Interior finishing (incl. LED lights)
    • Sanitary equipment
    • Ventilation
    • Heating/cooling
    • Kitchen cabinet (refrigerator, sink)
    • Furniture (closet and boiler wall cabinet)
    • Appliances (refrigerator, sink)
    • Warranty
  • Client covers:

    • Utility connection and set-up (electricity, water, sewage)
    • Construction permit and planning
    • Crane for unloading the unit
    • Building the foundation – ÖÖD is erected on post footing with six posts
    • Shipping & Taxes
    • Sewage discharges to the tank, central sewer, or septic system

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