About us

The idea of the ÖÖD house was born when brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik were planning a weekend of hiking. They were looking for a small house in a beautiful spot where they could spend the night. However, all they could find were log houses for larger groups of people or small houses of mediocre quality.

They were far from the ideal house the brothers were looking for and did not meet their expectations or the goal of the holiday. This experience gave them the idea to create a ÖÖD hotel concept with a stylish and bold design, consisting of hotel rooms and auxiliary buildings such as reception, restaurant, conference rooms, spa, gym, etc.

The modules offer a different content, but a uniform appearance allows to gradually increase the hotel according to demand.

Andreas Tiik

Founder & CEO
+372 58 048 933

Jaak Tiik

Founder & Head of Production
+372 501 1109

Regina Kaal

Export Sales
North & South America, Africa, Oceania
+372 508 2325

Diana-Liis Kross

Chief Operating Officer
+372 5342 2747

Kristi Kivilaid

Sales Director
+372 5344 7559

Indrek Jeedas

Production manager

Martin Nukka

Supply chain coordinator

Aarne Nirk


Vambola Tiik

Interior designer

Anton Toomere