Space to create a personal meditation haven or unifying space for a yoga retreat. Our pure and modern design supports your investment in physical self.


ÖÖD simple and comforting design gives anyone an opportunity to create a space that would induce a piece of mind to your body and soul. It could be a place for personal prayers in your backyard or a serene spa house located in idyllic dream setting. With our reflective and boundless design we encourage you to invest in well-being. ÖÖD could be your place of peace of mind.

  • The turnkey concept!

  • The design gives ideas an opportunity!

  • ÖÖD aims at the maximum welfare of the visitor!

Exterior design

ÖÖD is designed for both urban and rural locations. Three out of four sides are made entirely of mirrored glass-walls that are framed by sturdy steel structure. To add a bit warmth to the modern reflective design, we made the back wall of ÖÖD entirely of wood construction, covered with heat-treated wood.

The size of ÖÖD – 6mx3mx3 – could be utilised as a private meditation house, or connecting several ÖÖD units into unifying space, one could easily visualize a forming of an harmonious spa complex.

Simple yet innovative design allows ÖÖD to seamlessly blend into surrounding environment.


  • Width:


  • Height:


  • Depth:


  • Interior surface:


  • Building surface:


  • Weight:


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