Winter garden

Invigorating private oasis or communal space for socializing and sharing. Our unite and pure design helps to invest in moments with friends.


ÖÖD unique design allows anyone to create private oasis that would suit their individual needs. May it be designed for private study or a place to entertain one's friends - the effective design of ÖÖD aims to enrich the experiences shared. Make ÖÖD your space!

  • The turnkey concept!

  • The design gives ideas an opportunity!

  • ÖÖD aims at the maximum welfare of the visitor!

Exterior design

ÖÖD house is designed to be suitable for both urban and rural area. The size of ÖÖD – 6mx3m – makes it a perfect additional space in your backyard. It could also be accommodating in and hospitality complex,  where the units would be utilized for various purposes. Floor to ceiling glass-walls are framed by the steel structure, covering the house on three sides, thus making it blend seamlessly into surrounding environment. To add just enough of warmth to the modern reflecting design, we made the back wall of ÖÖD entirely out of wood construction, covered with heat-treated wood.


  • Width:


  • Height:


  • Depth:


  • Interior surface:


  • Building surface:


  • Weight:


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