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ÖÖD home office is suitable for both, in nature and the city. Let's make Your ideas come to life!


Our creative and stress-free office space allows you to focus on the solution, not the problem. ÖÖD compact and seamless design allow you to place your office in your ideal location and create an environment right for your goals.



    The shimmering highlight of the Surface & Materials show in Birmingham was this space-age pod called ÖÖD.


    This prefab mirrored house can be plopped almost anywhere.


    You can start seeing a return on your investment — whether through guests or relaxation — immediately.


    Well designed mini dwelling.

Exterior design

The underlying architectural idea of the ÖÖD house was to create a design that would blend into the surrounding environment in the best possible manner. This is why the design created for the ÖÖD house is mostly simple and harmonious and doesn’t compete with the surrounding environment. A natural setting is the best location for an ÖÖD house, as it highlights its surroundings whilst remaining invisible itself. The creators of the ÖÖD house say that the more beautiful the environment, the better an ÖÖD house looks.

Interior design

An ÖÖD house does not have a specific single function or use. On the contrary, the client specifies what the houses will be used for, which means that every house will have its own story told in cooperation with the customer.

The client’s contribution and interest are evident in the various ideas sent in from all over the world.


  • Width:


  • Height:


  • Depth:


  • Interior surface:


  • Building surface:


  • Weight:


What is included in the price

  • ÖÖD covers:

    • Interior finishing (incl. lights)
    • Ventilation
    • Heating/cooling
    • Warranty
  • Client covers:

    • Utility connection and set-up (electricity)
    • Construction permit and planning
    • Crane for unloading the unit
    • Building the foundation
    • Shipping & Taxes

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