Play room

Enables playfully to create an uplifting children’s room, or a whole daycare immersed in its surroundings. Our impressive design supports your investment into children.


ÖÖD functional and flexible design allows creative approaches to initiate a space for children where they feel inspired and energized. It could be your kids playhouse in the backyard or one of the many units forming a daycare. A room immersed in daylight and without boundaries could be a beginning of a journey towards your children’s dreams. ÖÖD could be your child's safe space.



    The shimmering highlight of the Surface & Materials show in Birmingham was this space-age pod called ÖÖD.


    This prefab mirrored house can be plopped almost anywhere.


    You can start seeing a return on your investment — whether through guests or relaxation — immediately.


    Well designed mini dwelling.

Exterior design

ÖÖD house is designed to blend into the surroundings, allowing it to be suitable for both urban and rural locations. The size of ÖÖD – 6mx3m – could be perfect additional space for your child to play or study.

Floor to ceiling glass-walls are framed by the steel structure, covering the house on three sides, thus making it blend seamlessly into surrounding environment.

To add a bit warmth to the modern reflecting design we made the back wall of ÖÖD entirely of wood construction, covered with heat-treated wood.


  • Width:


  • Height:


  • Depth:


  • Interior surface:


  • Building surface:


  • Weight:


What is included in the price

  • ÖÖD covers:

    • Interior finishing (incl. LED lights)
    • Sanitary equipment
    • Ventilation
    • Heating/cooling
    • Kitchen cabinet (refrigerator, sink)
    • Furniture (closet and boiler wall cabinet)
    • Appliances (refrigerator, sink)
    • Warranty
  • Client covers:

    • Utilities connection and set-up (electricity, water, sewage)
    • Construction permit and planning
    • Crane for unloading the unit
    • Building of the foundation – ÖÖD is erected on post footing with six posts
    • Shipping & Taxes
    • Sewage discharges to the tank, central sewer or septic system

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